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Administrative Registration

Administrative Registration Application Form

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With the IMEI of the device

Multiband/SAE Homologation

We are certified by SUBTEL


Testing, prehomologation and homologation

Check and approval in Voice, Data and VAS of mobile devices Smartphones, Tablets with Android operating system and Features Phones, in GSM, WCDMA and LTE technologies. Homologation and Testing of mobile devices and devices M2M / IoT / VAS

Multiband / SAE Certification

Certification According to SUBTEL Resolution No. 1463 and 1474, this is a Service aimed at operators, manufacturers of mobile terminals, importers and / or similar

Administrative Registration

It is aimed at individuals who have purchased equipment abroad for their personal use and want to use it in Chile, for which it is NOT POSSIBLE TO ENSURE THE RECEIPT OF EMERGENCY MESSAGES ISSUED BY ONEMI AND THE OPERATION IN ALL LOCAL OPERATORS

Homologation other devices

Registration of (IMEI) in central database for those equipment that meet the specifications to be in this category, such as: GPS, M2M, POS, Alarms, Tablets, Laptops, IoT, smartwatch.


In this section we respond to concerns related to SUBTEL regulations

If I buy a phone abroad what should I do?

As of September 23, 2017, natural persons who acquire a telephone abroad, for their personal use, must register it in the system so that they can operate in Chile. This process and should contact a certification company authorized by SUBTEL.

Does the administrative registration have any cost?

According to the norm, the user can register one (1) phone for free per year (365 calendar days), then if the person wishes to make a second registration, the procedure will have a cost in this certifier of $ 4200 CLP + TAX

How long does it take to register?

The estimated time of the process is 24 working hours from the reception of the mail, the hours of service are continued through email

Do I have other devices that connect to the mobile network that are not telephones that I should do?

Devices such as tablets, gps, watches and other devices must also be registered so that they can register with local operators, this process has a cost that depends on the volume to be registered, for more information contact us at info@iaiasesorias.cl

About the Multibanda SAE regulation
It is a public policy, which as of September 23, 2017, will ensure that all mobile phones that are marketed in the country from that day, will receive the emergency messages sent by Onemi (SAE) and will be informed through a stamp , the compatibility of the mobile phone with the different technologies: 2G, 3G and 4G. More information at www.multibanda.cl
I bought a mobile phone in Chile and do not connect what should I do?

If I buy a mobile device in Chile and do not connect to a mobile network, I must go to where I bought the equipment to manage the solution of the problem. We remind you that the equipment marketed in Chile after September 23, 2017 must bring a logo that certifies the support of SAE and Multiband, if you do not bring it you can request a refund of your money and make a report in SUBTEL indicating this condition. More information at www.multibanda.cl

About I&I asesorías Ltda.

I& I Asesoría Ltda. Is a technological enterprise that technically helps telecommunications companies and terminal suppliers in the introduction of new products and services, shortening the “time to market” and improving the perception of quality of their clients.

I & I Asesoría Ltda. Was founded by Engineers in the area of Telecommunications with Electronic and Civil Industrial training, specialists in Telecommunications areas, with more than 20 years in the market working in fixed and mobile telecommunications companies, in areas of Engineering, Operation and Development; making available the experience in mobile and fixed networks, from the beginning of digital networks to the most modern LTE network implemented in Chile.

If you are a company, manufacturer of mobile terminals, importers and similar, do not hesitate to contact us at, info@iaiasesorias.cl